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    NOF2: Real expenditure by general government by type of consumption, function and price unit
    Unit : m DKK

    This table shows volume estimates for non-market output measured by deflating inputs approach. However for 2020 and onwards the estimates have been adjusted, through corrections in the ¿compensation of employees¿ deflator, for employees that due to COVID-19 restrictions were actually working shorter hours or not at all. These estimates differ from the method used up to 2019, where the volume estimates are calculated by deflating inputs approach without adjustments. The difference between the two methods is significant and will be changed as soon as possible so that the figures for the year 2020 and onwards are calculated without adjustments. For all years the real growth in expenditure by general government in this table will be different from the real growth in the other National account tables where the output-method is used.

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    16-8-2022 Statistics Denmark ,