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    AKU530K: Full-time equivalents by employment status and sex
    Unit : 1,000 man-years

    For 2021Q1 and 2021Q2 the data on whether the ILO-unemployed has sought part- or fulltime employment is imputed based on data covering the period 2019Q4 - 2020Q4 and 2021Q3 - 2021Q4. The imputation was necessary because respondents in 2021Q1 and 2021Q2 were only asked whether they had sought work and not whether this work was a part- or fulltime position. Additionally, in 2021Q1 and 2021Q2 the estimate of full-time equivalents for employed individuals does not include the amount of contractual hours worked in any secondary jobs as this data was not available.

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    2-10-2023 Statistics Denmark ,