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    Welcome to StatBank Denmark
    Latest releases

    BEF4: Population 1. January by islands
    DNDIQ: Quarterly flow statistics on direct investment by type, principle, item, country and domestic economic activity
    DNPRND: The banks' and the mortgage-credit institutes' accounts (net position) with the Nationalbank
    DNRENTD: Danmarks Nationalbank's official interest rates and money and capital market interest rates by item, country and methodology (daily observations)
    DNVALD: Daily exchange rates by currency and type
    MPK3: Interest rates, by type
    PRIS1115: Price index for Domestic Supply (2015=100) by commodity group and unit
    PRIS1515: Producer price Index for Services (2015=100) by industry and unit
    PRIS4015: Producer price index for commodities (2015=100) by Industry (groups), market and unit
    PRIS4115: Import price index for commodities (2015=100) by Industry (groups) and unit
    PRIS4215: Producer price index for commodities (2015=100) by industry standard industrial groupings and unit
    PRIS4315: Producer and import price index for commodities (2015=100) by Industry (groups), market and unit
    PRIS4615: Price index for Domestic Supply (2015=100) by Industry (groups) and unit
    DODC1: Deaths per day (experimental statistics) by sex and age
    DODC2: Deaths per week (experimental statistics) by region, sex and age
    UDVSTD02: Student exchange programs by sex, exchange, length of residence, education and area
    VAN1UGE: Immigrations per week (experimental statistics) by municipality, sex, age, country of origin and citizenship
    BROX1: Road traffic on the bridges of Storebælt and Øresund (experimental statistics) by bridge and type of vehicle
    BYGV01: Total Construction (not adjusted for delays) by phase of construction, use and builders
    BYGV02: Total Buildings completed by year of commencement, unit, type of building case and use

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